Friends, Subscribers, Marketers, lend me your ears!


Newspapers Alive the New traffic site
has officially launched and is piping
hot off the press…

What is it?

– A newspaper ad co-op that directs
offline opportunity seekers to YOUR
website & affiliate links.

What do they do for you?

– Run classified ads across the
USA and direct targeted traffic
to your offers resulting in optins,
sales, and signups at STAGGERING
high rates.

I’ve been testing this full bore
for over 4 months and I am here
to tell to you this program is
the real deal.

Nothing and I mean NOTHING like
this is out there you guys. Your
affiliate and website links are
presented to an audience that is
completely untapped where EVERYONE
is eager to buy from you.

This may be the first time you are
hearing about this product but I
promise you it will not be the last.

You want traffic? You want sales?

You want Newspapers Alive.

Candace Lee


Hey gang! I just checked the sales
page and there is seriously few spots
left…this could be a limited time run
so I would get in now while you still can!