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Did you know that Pay-Per-Click predates the Web browser? The first working
system was a 1996 Windows computer application called Planet Oasis, based on the
Ark Interface II, an information service developed by the NEC computer company.
It ran paid ads alongside links to some of the world’s first commercial web sites.
Within a year some 400 companies were paying from half a penny to twentyfive cents
per click for placement of their ads on Planet Oasis.

A proof of concept Pay-Per-Click search engine was presented at a Ted Conference
in 1998. It went on to become Overture (bought by Yahoo in 2003), where businesses
bid for the top spots in search engine ranking.

In 1999 new up-and-coming search engine Google came out with their version of
Pay-Per-Click, and it’s been known as “Google Ad Words” ever since.

If you’ve tried Pay-To-Click (PTC) or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Pay-Per-View (PPV)
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Peter Oakley, webmaster
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