Passive Income Mine coins per hour

How to get started:
1. Sign up and verify email
2. Simply collect coins from their PTC Ads, PTC wall, and other offer tab plus from their Faucet every hour.
3.Either withdraw your coins (35k) to Bitcoins or simply purchase buildings and start mining, you need to have 34MP (Mining Power) to start mining 1 coin per hour, cheapest building to start with cost 200 coins.
4. Upgrade your building to increase your MP (Mining Power), don’t forget to check every hour and click on “check in” to add your efficiency up to 200%.

1. Do not sell your buildings, start with Carrier Depot with 2MP worth 200coins, upgrade as much as you like just start with one building and try to level up or if you want to start with HQ building the better, the higher MP you have the more coins you mine per hour.
2. upgrade until you have 350MP and above as you will have a percentage from the bonus mining pool.
3. Collect and upgrade and start earning coins every hour, passive income!

No investment needed, all coins are free to collect from games, offers, ptc ads etc

tutorial here:

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