[FIRST_NAME] Is Your Marketing Frustrating You?

Hey There [FIRST_NAME]

Have you ever wished for an auto-responder that was easy to use and
came with some help on how to set it up?

How about list building? Are you frustrated and overwhelmed with all
the rules and strategies creating lists that just don’t seem to happen?

Then there is lead management, following up with new people, and
mass sends to mailers. Oh my, – hundreds of mailers.

What about creating splash pages, squeeze pages, forms, banners and
the list goes on.

I imagine the price for all of this is driving you out of your mind? Well
take a deep breath. You will not believe what I am going to tell you

Would price be the issue, or would satisfaction that you could have with
the right complete tools – that would do all of the above and more?

Would you be interested to find out the price for all of this would cause
you to smile as you cancelled subscriptions to all those half-useless tools
you fight with every day?

Okay, time to stop teasing you. I am pleased to introduce Easy Business
Builder (EBB) to your inspection. EBB is not only complete, there is no other
complete business building platform out there on the market that will come
close to price or ability to give you the satisfaction EBB will.

It even comes with videos to show you the ropes on anything new to you.
The developers have thought of everything except one thing *YOU*.
Click the link, fill in the blanks and get ready for a satisfying year.

John Lederer
Marketer since 1995
EBB Advanced Member

PS. It even comes with ME, to help you with any questions.

PPS. Hurry. I’m so excited to hear all about your excitement over EBB!