[FIRST_NAME] I now have my entire Twitter campaign running on auto-pilot. :)

[FIRST_NAME] Check this out...
I now have my entire Twitter campaign running on auto-pilot. : )

This is how it works…

Every couple hours the system automatically 
posts a Tweet to my account.

Most of the Tweets are what I call pieces of value.
These tweets are pure content, they dont try to sell 
anything, they just give my followers value.

These Tweets are vital because they get the most likes
 and retweets. They not only keep my followers happy
 but they also help to grow my account. 

But, of course, I dont just want to make people happy.
 I also want to make money!

And thats where the system really comes into its own.

Everyday the system posts a link to a fantastic product or 
service thatll solve my followers my pressing problems.
 And lots of my followers buy them!

Even though these products arent mine, and I never have to
deal with anybody, process any orders or ship anything, 
when my followers buy them I get paid!

Setting up the system is easy, in just a couple of hours you can have everything running on Auto-pilot. So by tomorrow morning, you never even have to think about it again. 

Gone are the days of having to remember to post an update. 
Your Twitter account will completely take care of itself, and as your following grows you make more and more money
from Twitter every single day. 

If you’d like to check out this system for yourself and discover
 how you can generate a completely passive income from
 Twitter tonight, click on the link below. 

Have a great day,
John Lederer
Marketer since 1995
Online since 2000
Skype= john.lederer

PS. You can use this system on multiple Twitter accounts, 
allowing you to set up a completely passive income for each
 niche that you want to target. Each account takes just a
couple of hours to set up and then everything runs on auto-pilot,
 providing you with multiple 100% passive income streams for life!