[FIRST_NAME] Control ALL Your Banners From One Place!


Control ALL Your Banners From One Place: 

Announcing ... Your Viral Banners!

Your Viral Banners has launched today, bringing the focus 
on results to your banners that run on sites across the internet.

The Your Viral Network has changed the entire safelist and 
traffic exchange business by focusing on results and giving you
the best tracking available so you know what is working and what isn't.

Now, that power comes to banner advertising!

Your Viral Banners works like a self-optimizing banner rotator.

You load all your banners into the system and then use the
Your Viral Banner rotator code on all the sites where you can display banners.

Every time one of your banner is displayed, they pick one
 from your list at random.  
They track where it was shown and whether it was clicked on.

They then report back to you which banners are getting the
 best conversions across all the sites you display banners on.

It will automatically remove the banners from rotation that
aren't getting clicked, making sure that your banner impressions
are getting you sign ups and sales.

Best of all, you control ALL your banner campaigns from ONE place. 
No logging into dozens of sites to add a new banner. (Read that again!)

If you want more results from your banner advertising,
then Your Viral Banners is a must have tool.

Did I mention that it is fr ee to use?

Today, you get to join first and get "ahead of the curve".

Join Your Viral Banners today!

P.S. As a marketer since 1995, I've been waiting
for a system like this to enable me to control all 
my many banners from ONE place!

John Lederer
Marketer since 1995
GREAT Sponsor