[FIRST_NAME] Bet Your Ad Tracker Can’t Do This!


The most powerful tool you can use, next to an
autoresponder is a tracker.

That is where Easy Business Builder excels beyond the scope of every
other opportunity that says they do the tracking!
No one compares! In spite of their claims, they do
not even come close!

Discover your one or many target markets by watching
the information that EBB tracking provides you!

From signing up – name, country, the usual profile info, to
what mailer they joined from – what mail you sent to that
mailer they signed up from.

How long, how many emails they read before they became
your lead and if they have signed up to take your follow up
emails in your autoresponder.

Finally, the email in the mailer that caused them to take the
right step and join you in Easy Business Builder.

The results of this tracking is the income you can make. The
knowledge your mails sent via the right mailers are making you
a tidy monthly income.

Imagine this is you- not someone else! YOU build the list, YOU
gain the membership and YOU receive the monthly commissions.

All you have to do is join me. I look forward to working with you.

Click the credit link and let’s go!


John Lederer
Skype: john.lederer

P.S. Track all your mailings by taking advantage of the Advanced membership.