Big $10 Program Launching in 48 Hours

HODL Game is Launching on August 7. This will be a big opportunity and thousands of members will be joining. The cost is only $10 to be placed in a fully automated system.

You earn back $3000 with multiple re-entries to earn again and again. This is a Spillover Team Build and you are in full control of your Spillovers.

Members can decide where they want to start. Most members will start at the $10 Level. You have the option to upgrade in advance to upper levels. This will cause more spillovers and your upline will spill under your position forcing you to earn. That is right! Your upline can spill under you when they cycle into your matrix. Now everyone has a fair chance in earning including the people that do not refer others.

Watch the Compensation Plan Video:

You can join now and deposit your funds while waiting for the August 7 launch.