iCharity Club

Welcome to icharity club Peer to peer Member to member Payment system Just 20$ to start Bring in 5 people to join below you Same day that gives you 100$ that is 80$ profit Upgrade to next level with 40$ On the next level when level 2 downlines are ready to upgrade, it will be you they will send the money to, 25 x $40 = $1000 Then upgrade to level 3 x $80 This level you will earn $10,000 upgrade Level 4 x $120 Earn $75,000 Upgrade level 5 x $200 Earn $625,000 Upgrade level 6 x $300 Earn you $4,685,500 millions It goes all the way to level 10 where you earn over $16 million This is real wealth building. Thank you. Join now