Cash Contest … $250 in Prizes at All Pro Mailer

Did you signup for All Pro Mailer yet? We have a great contest going on and I justl isted the prizes.

First Prize – $100.00
Second Prize – $50.00
Third Prize – $50.00
Fourth Prize – $25.00
Fifth Prize – $25.00
I plan to add more prizes, this is just the beginning and the meat of the contest.

We are seeing a 43% conversion rate from members joining so it’s in your best interests to join, upgrade and promote!

Get signed up here:

The upgrade OTO is $47 one time payment for lifetime access and you will earn a 50% commission on all referrals who upgrade!

The upgrade ratio has increased to 43% … that means 43% of members who join are upgrading … that’s cash in your pocket if you promote!

Come join us and learn how you can win our contest and cash in on an entire bundle of prizes.!

I am excited to hear your feedback and excited to put some commissions in your pocket!