Yes It Has Them All…..

Hello [FULL_NAME],
This should be a good news for you, Besides the basic function of a mailer, Banner Viralizer (Dot) Com has great features that can only be found here.
It has plain text & HTML message ads that never expires…(as long as credits are assigned)…
It has banner & text ads with a very unique system that makes your ads recieve tons of clicks…
It has Login Ads that is also shown multiple times upon activities in member area (6 minute interval)…
It has a solo ad system that rewards clickers with 100 credits….
etc..more features to come…..
It also has an additional feature that enables you to directly surf all sites in our advertising network.This feature gives you the ease of surfing and credit earning activities.
Try out the features now and feel something different from any other advertising network out there.
see you inside !