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Hello, let me introduce you to Tradeunos….

Tradeunos Advisory Ltd is an Asset Management Firm set up in Dec’20, the Company, however, began Global expansions only after it was officially registered with the Companies House, UK with Company Number – 13339027 in April’21. Prior to this, the Company operated locally in London as ‘Four Seasons Trading Corp’.

Tradeunos Advisory will be registered in several other countries in the coming months, the current operational base for the office is Moscow, Russia, this was a necessary move to benefit from easier Crypto regulations & better staff management.

We specialize in offering Managed Accounts Services to our customers and delivering unmatched returns via our exclusive trading domains, Forex, Gold, Crude oil and Cryptocurrency. We nurture and trade commodities to grow businesses and generate profits, by leveraging the competitive strategies and analytical knowledge.

TRADEUNOS has a team of expert traders, technology leaders, and investment bankers with a vast array of experience into Investment Banking and Asset Management.

Our efforts are augmented with digital technologies and next generation tools which enable us to stay ahead of time and become more efficacious in converting investment into profits. Our technological suite and packages are designed to adapt to different types of investors.

Paired alternative exchanging has picked up such a great amount of ubiquity as of late because of its straightforwardness and its high reward proportion. Be that as it may, paired alternative exchanging can likewise bring about enormous misfortune in the event that one exchanges without the correct methods and mentality. So as to remain reliably beneficial in parallel choices exchanging, you should ensure you concentrate well first. The uplifting news is, TRADEUNOS exchanging company’s gives you the answer for gain while you learn.

Our domains of trading are FOREX, GOLD, CRUDE OIL and CRYPTO.

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