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Everybody Travel, would you not agree?

Why not add cruising as a fundraiser program?

Here’s how it work:

1. Our Carnival Charity Fundraiser program offers an option of a donation to any non-profit organization.
2. Carnival Donates $10 per person per cabin booked to the non-profit organization (based on double occupancy)
3. Carnival provides free berths with no cap to utilize for additional funds
(1/15 ratio on double occupancy) (i.e. auctions, raffles,promotional,etc.)

Benefits for Fundraising Groups:

1. Risk Free
2. Easy to execute, agency does most of the work
3. Guests enjoy great vacation while supporting a worthy cause
4. Advertising the event brings recognition to Your group
5. Friends and family vacation together, providing an opportunity to gain new members and/or contributions

‘Cruising for a cause’ is simple & it works!
If you like this approach to fundraising, Call Diane, a Fundraiser Cruise Specialist at 704.865.2144