Would you want to attend the Hangout?

Question 1. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being “Not a chance I’m ever going to join {%HotPage:[ID]162461[Title]PLS Hangouts[Caption]Click here to check the Hangout%}” and 10 being “I’m ready to sign up for PLS Hangouts{%HotPage:[ID]162461[Title]PLS Hangouts[Caption]Click here to check the Hangout%}”, Where would you score yourself?


Question 2. Why didn’t you choose a LOWER number?

Here’s the marketing lesson behind the two questions.

Most marketers ask only closed-ended yes-or-no questions.

Are you ready to buy?
Are you ready to join?

Then, if they receive a negative answer, they ask “Why not?”

And the customer defends his “no”. The customer’s brain starts to think of reasons for why he will NOT buy.

This is the last thing you want to do as a marketer!

You should always ask questions that get customers thinking about why they WOULD buy.

Not why they would NOT.

So, I asked you where you were on the scale of 1 to 10, then asked you why your score wasn’t LOWER.

If you actually took the time to answer the second question, your brain was forced to come up with reasons why you WOULD join 45-Minute Paydays.

Did it work?

Even if it started working for me a month back, I got curious about the reputation of this system. Then I went on Facebook group–and found out 100 customers commenting about this system every day.

This could be the ideal recipe for existing business. Online entrepreneurs, who are looking at attracting leads, and generating sales would by far be stepping into the system.

It does work FAR better than asking “Are you ready to buy?” and “Why not?”

No charge for this marketing advice! Check this {%HotPage:[ID]162461[Title]PLS Hangouts[Caption]Click here to check the Hangout%} and do let CB Consulting know of your experience.


P.S: If you sign up for the trial you could get very good starter tips on the FB Group of PLS Lead System. Make sure you try the business.