The Huge Differences Between Selling 1 Product and 10 Products


Here’s a story I want to share with you.

James is selling 1 product as an online marketer. He needs to clock in 12 hours just to get a mass amount of traffic to convert them into potential customers.

Not to mention that his income is just 5 thousand dollars a month. Things such as customer support, customer refunds, customer complaints… … are actually easy to handle since he has gotten only 1 product in his hands.

On the other hand, here’s this guy name Michael. He has 10 products in his hands and he’s making 100 thousand dollars a month. Wondering if he’s clocking in 12 hours a day too? NO! He just needs to work for 5 hours or less per day. He doesn’t even need to look for more traffic to convert them into potential customers. By using the existing traffic and buyers, he is able to make 300% more sales!

Wondering how Michael does this? This is no secret! All he has is a systematic sales funnel that assists him all the way. An effective formula which is able to assist you in handling every day matters almost instantly.

Allow me to introduce you to the Sales Funnel Blueprint. The blueprint that discloses all the strategies which you can operate your business more effectively and cash in massive amounts!