Still playing darts blindfolded?

Still playing darts blindfolded?

Let’s face it, that’s basically what you’re doing when you market online by sending out email ads. When an average of 1 – 3% of those emails resulting in an actual website visit is about the best you can hope for… few of those “darts” end up anywhere near the bulls-eye.

:: Pitiful ::

Compare those results with the ShurAds advertising platform that guarantees 100% open rate AND website visit rate.

:: Awesome ::

And if additional income floats your boat, ShurAd affiliates find their advertising actually GENERATES income – with the IGAP that includes a personally-forced, activity-based, 12-step series of 1×2 matrix system.

Whew, that was a mouthful!

Imagine having hundreds, or even thousands, of positions in this bonus matrix AND earning matching cycle bonuses on up to 4 levels.

Caution: The amount and velocity of cycling can be intense.

Interesting tip #1: Even the Basic (fr3e) members can earn
Interesting tip #2: As ShurAds is a crypto based business, fr3e members can earn Bitcoin
Interesting tip #3: Builder 3 affiliates can also earn matching bonuses on their Basic (fr3e) referrals down 4 levels.

ShurAds is a whole new animal – register now and Grow With Us!