[FIRST_NAME], time is running out on


This hit my inbox recently and I HAD to get it
to you immediately. It’s time sensitive so
please take a look and join me, as this is a
huge opportunity…

I’ve signed up for the Soft Launch for this new
software/service called ICANAutoTrade. It’s an
“artificial intelligence” trading platform for
cryptocurrency. The nutshell here is that when
this program launches you’ll be able to have
A.I. algorithms make trades for you many times
throughout the day and, bit by bit, grow your
crypto wallet. Every day. Automatically.

I can’t speak directly about return rates but
this company’s initial rounds of testing showed
results beyond impressive. Shocking really.

At any rate, right now ICANAutoTrade is taking
Soft Launch signups. During this time you can
sign up for free, and invite others to do the

At Full Launch, everyone signing up will be
invited to become a Full Member for just
$99.95 per month (which includes the lease of
the software that does the auto-trading,
referring member status to earn commission on
referred members, as well as a host of training
and ongoing education).

But here’s the TIME SENSITIVE part and why I’m
sending this to you now…
During Soft Launch, anyone who pre-registers
with ICANAutoTrade will be “grandfathered” in to
a completely free-forever “Referring Member”

Referring Members can earn a commission just by
letting others know about this. You’ll earn $50
for the first month for anyone who you refer that
becomes a Full Member, AND a continuous $30 every
month IN PERPETUITY for as long as that referral
remains a Full Member! That by itself can add up
very quickly, and that’s not even considering the
actual auto-trading software!

At Full Launch, only Full Members will be able to
earn commission by letting others know about

But, because you’re taking action today and
registering during Soft Launch, when that
happens, even if you aren’t quite ready to
take advantage of the AI auto-trading software
and algorithms, YOU’LL still be able to refer
others and earn that sweet sweet residual
monthly income. (Remember, it’s $50, plus $30
every month just for letting others know
about this!)

So, your window of opportunity is quickly
closing on this!

Once you go over and pre-register (you should do
this right now at the link below), you’ll get
access to your back office, and upcoming
training videos, earnings reports, and news as
well as your unique marketing link. With this,
you’ll be able to start referring others right
away. Anyone YOU send to this Soft Launch
pre-registration will be all set and ready to
earn you your referral commissions at full
launch! (And yes, signing up through my link
below will generate a commission to me at Full
Launch as well if you decide to become a Full
Member!) Note: There is NO obligation to
purchase anything at this stage. This Soft
Launch registration is completely free, no
credit card required.

Once you’re registered, make sure to go through
the verification process to get your account
fully activated. (It can take up to twenty
minutes for the email to hit your inbox,
but make sure to check your spam, junk, and
trash folders!)

This is shaping up to be really huge. So make
sure the folks on your list are put into the
ICANAutoTrade Soft Launch database under YOUR
Referral ID, and not someone else’s!

Below is the free Soft Launch registration link.

Talk to you soon!

Klaus Buchenau