Why did the lead singer leave his band?

Why did the lead singer leave his band?


I hope this email finds you in a lead-full and
lively mood! Let me ask you a question: why did
the lead singer leave his band? Because he didn’t
have enough leads!

Now, I don’t know if you’re a musician, but you might
be facing a similar problem. Are you having a hard
time getting signups and sales for the programs
you’re promoting? Well, I have a solution for you
that won’t involve any karaoke nights.

What you need are fresh and qualified leads, and
not just any leads, but ones that are genuinely
interested in your business opportunity. I mean,
who wants to sell ice to penguins, am I right?
That’s where We Got Friends comes in.

What makes We Got Friends the cream of the crop is
their offer of 100 qualified leads every single
month. It’s like finding a pot of gold at the end
of a rainbow, but instead of gold, it’s a bunch of
people eager to join your program!

Now, whether you’re promoting LiveGood or Savings
Highway Global, or even a pyramid of cupcakes, you
need fresh eyeballs on your offer to make it work.
Without leads, you’re like a fish without water, a
bird without wings, or a comedian without jokes
(ouch, that one hit close to home).

But don’t fret, because We Got Friends is
currently in pre-launch, and you can join them
without spending a penny. They’ll put lots of
friends in your Nitro-Line, and every one of them
could potentially become a commission for you.
It’s like having a bunch of minions, but without
the evil plan.

So what are you waiting for? Register now while
it’s still 100% free! Otherwise, you’ll have to
pay with a bunch of dad jokes, and nobody wants

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!

Kurt Tasche, your friendly neighborhood