JvZoo’s Webinar Hero + THIS Ad Site = Sales

4 hours ago I sent an email to
16,200 USA Lead Club leads
telling them about the hot new
JvZoo program Webinar Hero.


I just refreshed and 3 people
have already paid the 18.93 to
join netting me a 50% commission
amount of around 30 bucks.

This is absolutely nuts cause I
was promoting 2 other programs
to my USA leads but switched this
morning on a whim.

Thank goodness I did because
Webinar Hero and USA Lead Club
seem to be the perfect match for
each other (Webinar Hero is the
top JvZoo program right now)

The reason USA Lead Club leads
are so eager to join a program
like Webinar Hero is three fold.

All USA leads you get have answered
YES to three pre-qualifying questions:

#1 Do you have a valid credit card? YES

#2 Are you willing to invest AT LEAST
100.00 in the right opportunity? YES

#3 Are you ready to get started within
the next 30 days? YES

I seriously believe all the stars
have lined up for these 2 programs.

I’m going to continue riding this signup
wave for as long as I can and can’t wait
to see how many more of my USA Leads will
join me in Webinar Hero.

Get to it everyone.. join USA Lead Club and
start enrolling people into Webinar Hero
or ANY OTHER PROGRAM you wish.

I’d hate for you to miss out on this 🙂


Russell Davidson

P.S. Reach out to me at davidsonclan3@gmail.com
and I will show you exactly how to make it
happen with your own USA leads.