Tru-Share Profit Sharing Plan


We call it Tru-Share because EVERYBODY
gets a piece of the pie, not just the
elite, like other pay plans.

Referral Commissions

You a earn 10% Retail Commission on all
subscriptions and purchases made by your
personally referred by you. All member
levels (Currently Free and Gold) earn the
same percentage.

NO qualification requirements whatsoever
to earn Referral Commissions. It’s YOUR
referral, YOUR sale, YOUR commission

Profit Sharing Pool

25% of revenue from subscriptions and
product sales are placed into the profit
sharing pool. Those funds are divided
into the total number of shares earned
by all members.

You earn additional shares by referring members
who upgrade to the Gold level.

EVERYBODY with an active Gold subscription
gets to share in the pool, not just the
elite, like other pay plans.

Free members do Not earn profit sharing

Check It Out Below,

God Bless,
Roger Jefferies