[FIRST_NAME], This is YOUR 12 retirement plan, its a simple 3 step plan


This is a short but VERY IMPORTANT message.

 If you  are one of the hundred of thousands of people who are fed up with the performance of your 401K, tired of your job or profession, or maybe not tired at all, but you just want to diversify your income….well THIS IS THE 3 STEP PLAN.






This Wednesday at 10:00 PM, call and listen to our company overview presented by our CEO. It will tell you all you need to know in order to make an in informed decision.

The number is 605-562-3140 pin 248643#




Then call me anytime for guidance, advice, marketing support,

anything at all…..BUT do your homework first. We talk to a lot of people, and if you have not done the steps above…..well, you know what I mean. You will not be asking intelligent questions. Intelligent questions after someone sees the presentation are really easy. It also tells me you are a serious person, and one with whom I really want to do business.

I actually do not want to do business with people who are not serious. Time and energy are not well spent on those who are not committed…..sounds harsh? YES…but think about it, if you join our business, you WILL want to work with serious people as well, won’t you??

Your partner in Marketing Strategies and Solutions,

Mark Volansky

ISS Marketing Group


Oone final thought: If case you have not noticed, the name of  My business is ISS Marketing.

ISS = Income Strategies and Solutions

I have many strategies and solutions for you to  make income.

I am good at what I do…..I help others to build incomes on line…Stay tuned

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