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There are a lot of money making opportunities out there and an equal amount of money losing opportunities too.

My Advertising Pays works hard to not make the same mistakes as other online advertising sites that are here today and gone tomorrow. We know there are many companies out there that have disappeared with their members’ money. and we refuse to make the same mistakes.

One reason My Advertising Pays is different, is because our model isn’t dependent on new sign-ups to work. Although we encourage you to promote our service to your network and pay out profit shares every 20 minutes (not 30-days), our business is built on a real in-demand product that can survive on its own without a constant stream of new members.

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We had top engineers create our site to be user friendly and brilliant mathematicians designed our compensation plan to work where others fail.

A lot of time and effort went in to making My Advertising Pays a success for its members and creators. We know our long-term success is only possible if we keep you and our other members happy.

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