Three things online gooroos want that are utterly ridiculous

Here's the deal.
Unlike most online gooroos, I don't want mansions.
I don't care about Lamborghinis.
Hell, even the idea of being on a boat bores me.
What do I really want?
Simple things.
A big enough house for me and my family. A college education for my kids. Enough Benja-mins for holidays. Being able to visit a sick family member without begging a boss for time off.
Yes, they are simple.
It's the simple things in life that matter.
Unfortunately, I can't get them if I earn 35,000 per year.
It wasn't clear enough when I was 18.
But as I grew older I realized my salary wasn't gonna cut it.
If I want to provide for myself and my family, something had to change.
So what did I do?
I started my own business.
A business that will earn me the Benjamin's I need, for the life I want.
Yes, it will take time.
Yes, it will be hard work.
Along the road, I have taken many hits that made me doubt myself.
But I want to give us the lifestyle we deserve.
And I know the business I'm in will give us this lifestyle.
All I have to do is be honest with what I want and put in the time and work.
The business will take care of the rest.
What about you?
I can't be sure what your goals are.
You might really want the Lambos, the mansions, and the boats.
If that's true, more power to you.
But what if you'll be happy with the type of freedom I described?
Then you have to check the business I started.
Go here for more details.

Sonja Bosch