I’ll try to be brief, [FIRST_NAME]…

First off, forget the “traditional, proven” (boring) email template that “works” on traffic exchanges. I haven’t even pre-written this. I’m going to write on-the-fly, from the heart. (Because I’m STILL that excited.)


Earn commissions from your referrals and the tools they buy, and their referrals, and so on? Yes.

Earn ADDITIONAL BONUS money in a REVOLUTIONARY matrix system? Yes.

Now…Here’s the two kickers.

1.) Referring others is NOT the goal of the program. It’s something you can do to earn EXTRA money! (Well, get the program in a minute.)

Psst…there IS an affiliate program, but you don’t have to sign up for it to earn BIG!.

2.) The program features a revolutionary NEW 3×7 forced TRI-matrix. “Forced” means that you get new members put in under you whether you signed them up or not – 3 members wide, 7 levels deep. The cool part? There’s three matrices.

The first is traditional where members who got in first are at the top. In the second, the members are inverted, so the folks that got in first are at the bottom. Now, the sweet part… In the third, the members who earned the least in the first two get put at the top!! AWESOME CONCEPT!

I earned bonus money this month (my first month in as the program is just out of pre-launch a couple of weeks ago) offsetting a nice portion of my monthly membership.

A program that pays for itself right out the gate? Get outta here! Right?…uh, right? Wrong. It can. And then some. The cap for all three matrices is $900, and it re-compresses every few weeks. Plus, it’s just BONUS money. Just for being a member. Very similar to simple profit sharing. (Yes, the founders of the program are QUITE generous that way. Really.)

Now, for the REAL money. Remember earlier when I said, “Earn commissions from your referrals and the tools they buy?” The tools are where you can make a KILLING! Not by selling or promoting them, but by USING them!

In most MLM setups, you just sell one or a few products or services, like, say, a nutritional supplement. It’s just a consumable product though. It doesn’t make you any money after you drink it. It just makes you healthier…supposedly.

You DO get products and many, MANY services. You get videos, live webinars, awesome fraud protection, incredible, generous, responsive leaders who actually listen to everyone’s feedback and add more benefit to the whole membership when feedback warrants it. You also get access to many member support groups in Facebook, providing even more specialized help.

And, I STILL haven’t told you the great part.

The program tells you exactly HOW (through training) and WHEN (several times daily) to make your move and possibly earn a huge, immediate payout – anywhere from 80% to over 300%! Even a $5.00 investment easily turns into $8.50…and 70% of the time, too! Can you beat it?

Intrigued? This short promotional video shows exactly how EASY this is.

View It Now, [FIRST_NAME]!