___OMG postcard from 1939 _+_ handwritten message _=_ GOLD for you?___

Paul my good friend and business partner just received a postcard in his letterbox.

It was originally posted in 1939 and there is a strange message on the back, So I asked him to make a video about it
Watch the video and find out what connects this postcard to the biggest gold salvage operation in history and how it could affect YOU
Enjoy the video. We’re getting very close now 😉
Mick & Paul

PS: The video was recorded yesterday, But there has been some breaking news TODAY on the salvage with images go to members news section in back office to see all the details,  In short, things are progressing well and they have just broken through the outer hull of the ship and are getting closer by the hour to where they believe 11 tonnes of gold (worth half a billion USD) lays waiting. The crew are working 24 hours a day, in 3 shift teams. see latest images inside…SO EXCITING AND LIFE CHANGING FOR US and you can get on this before the end of this month