Want your special link..?

Hi [First_Name]

Yes, I have a special link for you.

I just got one for myself not too long ago, and
it’s been doing wonders for my online business.

What is it?

Well, they call it the Viral Brand Builder link.

And it allows you to specially create your
branded profile that you can share accross
ALL the advertising networks.

Grab it here:

It’s a new list builder that works a bit differently.

Sure, like normal list builders you can mail up
to 8500 people every 2 days.

But, it’s got a social brand building twist, that
really allows you to build your business.

Check it out:

Its 100% free…

But they do have an upgrade option which is worth
checking out. By far the best value is their
one-time-offer which you can see after you
sign up.

It could be best investment you’ve made online.