Just Launched w/ Jack Pot & High Commissions

Hi Everyone,

Cheryl here with some exciting news….Our new profit sharing Co Op advertising site just launched! This site has huge benefits already like great commissions, incentive rewards, surf rewards, promo codes, Co Op advertising and the profit sharing is the icing on the cake!
What do you have to do to receive the profit sharing?
Simple, upgrade to one of the partner levels and it’s yours for life! There is nothing more to buy….just the upgrade to a partner level. Remain active and promote to help the site grow, then enjoy the extra benefits of 10% or 5% Profit Sharing, calculated and paid monthly for the previous month…for the life of this traffic exchange. It’s the owners way of saying “thank you” and sharing their “piece of the pie”.
Profit Sharing are not commissions or earned rewards. They are a gratitude benefit for being an active partner member who helps our site grow.
Lady Godiva’s Traffic has some other exciting features like the Jackpot where members receive bonus credits and rewards for every day activities, such as surfing, logging in, tweeting, and most of all getting referrals.
Here’s a bit of exciting news…we are selling Jackpot pool tickets for $1.50 per one ticket and $2.50 for two tickets. Funds minus the payment processer fee will be placed directly and immediately into the Jackpot pool for that week. This is a way the members can decide how big a prize pool they want. Tickets can be purchased by anyone. All members can win a place in the Jackpot every week. There are 25 top members each and every week. Share in the excitement of this new launch and get some great advertising on our surf. Lady Godivas Traffic also has banners, text ads, square banners and some special ad types coming soon.

See you inside,
Cheryl Gardner

.P.S. Use the Promo Code “TaxExempt2000” and surf 75 for a sign up bonus of 1,000credits/500banners/500texts/100sq Banners and $1.50 cash!