Hurry and join the wave! It just went into pre-launch!

The folks at the Ad Labyrinth Empire are super excited about the pre-launch of their new mailer, Global Matrix Mailer. It has taken advertising to an Interdimensional Level that is modeled after the Matrix principle.

The member levels are set up with the concept of quantum physics principles. They have six upgraded levels and each one up is more packed with benefits than the one below it!

Shoot for the Infinite Dimension Matrix. It is as high as you can go on this site. Let me tell you, this level is phenomenal! There are so many benefits such as:

~ Scheduled mails for 60 days~ Unclicked credit rebates~ 15,000 credits/10,000banner imps/10,000 text imps monthly~ 2 tier commissions with the first level at a high 75%~ a 6 second surf timer and Dynamic Surf Ratios~ 200 credits per click~ 100 Banners/100 Text Ads~ And, you can save 125 email templates!

Now talk about a time saver!

There is more but you have to see it to believe it! So come on over and sign up free.

Take the first OTO that comes up to get the Infinite Level. Remember, DO NOT CLICK OFF THAT PAGE!!!

Or you will miss it!

To our success,

Cheryl and Rickey Gardner