Right Rise

The main purpose of this project is to attract new investors to acquire
speed radars and their further use in order to obtain the benefits of paid fines.


Our company, Right Rise LTD, with private capital controls speed limits on the roads of public use across the UK with the most modern technical equipment.
Despite the very high fines stipulated in the UK for speeding – the number of speeding violations is growing every year, because of the continuing growth
in the number of cars. we are helping to control the situation on the road by recording with sophisticated radar all violations related to excessive speed.
Having signed a contract with the state we are receiving compensation in amount of 40% of the total amount of fines.
Great Britain is a country with one of the highest economic growth rates in the world. Here is held constant reconstruction of existing roads as well as
annually construction of new highways and roads which can improve transport logistics and increase the economic benefit from the use of vehicles in all
areas of the UK economy.

We intend to continue our activity in the process of development of the country and we want to offer you to invest in our company. Our company is growing,
developing and wants to expand its business by purchasing and using new radar systems to monitor speed limits on most roads in the country. We are proud
of what we do, because we are helping the UK to become safer. Your participation in our investment program is a new step in the development and improvement
of your wellbeing as well as your contribution to the development of a national program to ensure the safety of traffic on UK roads.