2hr Skype Conference Call UPDATE: OrganicProspects

I have a fresh update for everyone
about Organic Prospects massive
new launch.

Last night I was on a 2 hour
4-way conference call with 3
of my marketing friends discussing
Organic Prospects.

Have you seen it yet?


We’ve been in for less three months
and are SHOCKED quite frankly at just
how well this service is working.

* My personal upline Trent has had 34
sales at a 75.00 price point.

* My financial adviser Gregory has
made 41 35.00 sales that are RECURRING.

* My own protege Ricardo has already enrolled
16 members at a 155.00 one time fee charge.

All just by signing up to OP and letting
them send their high converting leads
our way.


Getting these kind of numbers so soon
after joining is COMPLETELY unheard of.

I really hope your success email is the
next one I get.

Keep sending me your success stories people!

I absolutely love hearing from everyone.

Christian Sanders

==> http://www.OrganicProspects.com/?ref=TeamSanders