285.00 in Skinny Body Care Bonuses + 11 NEW Reps

I hope y’all had a really good week
spending lots of time with family
and friends.

I had a pretty good one myself
especially since I checked my
Skinny Body Care stats for the
last 2 days and found I got:

*190.00 in Fast Start Enroller Bonuses Wednesday

*95.00 in Fast Start Enroller Bonuses Thursday

And the best part is:

– I used only one ad service
to get these signups

– I didn’t have to do any
work (they just clicked my
link and joined)

– I know I’ll get another 10+
more preferred customers and
distributors this week

How am I getting so many
new SBC members you ask?

I’m using this ad site…


I got a nice email from Teresa
Ferguson the other day praising
Boost My Online Biz…

“So far so good on your recommendation.
Your Boost program delivered me 175.00
in Skinny Body Care bonuses yesterday
which is a pretty big deal for me!”

Wow! that’s a pretty sweet message
don’t ya think:)

Now does Boost My Online Biz just
work for programs like Skinny Body Care?

No, Boost My Online Biz works with
ANY type of program you need
signups and sales and commissions for…

All you have to do is join,
follow the super simple steps
then they’ll take care of the rest.


If you want to build your
downline deep and wide and
profit starting tomorrow,
then you need to turn the
TV off, put the kids in the
other room and get started now!

Diana Young