Pokemon Go is Huge

Don’t you wish you got paid just a tiny bit from everyone who
downloads Pokemon Go or plays it? It is the talk of the town
as you know.

Let me share with you a Interactive Sports App that will be
released this fall that will allow you and others interact and
play with your favorite team. This will soon be available
in iTunes and Google Play.

Here is the best part, you get paid when you share it and
when others play it. As players share this with friends you
get paid, this can easily go viral when people share it and
share it and share it.

United Games is open to join now, but will soon be cut off at
the associate level. So now is your perfect time to join us.

If you choose to join us today, you will be asked for a credit
card but it WON’T be charged until the App Launches this fall.
So you can join now and begin building your team that will help
this go viral once it launches.

Here is where you get your access code

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Vic Bilson