Team LATW works for YOU to get referrals!


You’ve seen other teams advertised, but not one of them is using
the system we’ve developed. While other teams ask you to promote
for the next person in line to receive a referral, our system
provides every single Team Links Across The Web member a page that
promotes their very own TrafficWave referral link. And there is
never a waiting list. You’ll be placed on a Team with members in
your own upline or downline from the moment you join.

Each individual Team has only 3-5 members who rotate among
themselves to recruit referrals for their Team. After you’ve been
at the top and received a referral, you move to the bottom while
your other Team mates rotate, then you’re at the top again. Over
and over.

You’ve really got to see this. There is no other team currently on
the Internet that is using this innovative and unique system. This
will surely break the mold of how Teams work, and you could be a
part of it. Take a moment to study exactly how our system works on
our Team Page. It’s so simple, yet so effective.

Thank you,

Ron Smutz (proud LATW member)