I thought I would just begin by explaining a little about the reasoning behind
our recent decision to finally take a leap of faith and listen to one of our
dearest friends, Joel Therien. You see, Joel and his wife, moved from
Aylmer, Quebec to San Antonio, Texas 8 years ago and created that is
now a flourishing multimillionaire dollar multilevel marketing company which
services over 300.000 clients around the world.

What they combined and makes their company so different is the power of
referral marketing and the internet onto one. Giants like Amazon, Pay pal
and E bay all have referral programs but not nearly as high a commission
payout as Joel’s company.

He pays out 100% commissions… sounds impossible but it is very creative
on how they so it and stay in business! (They have been in business for
almost 17 years)

They have made many millionaires in the process and I are now determine
to be the next! (seriously)

This is something that everyone needs. Have you ever had your computer
crash to the point where you have lost all your precious memories, I have,
pretty much the most devastating thing that has ever happened believe me.

This will back up everything, YOU need this, please don’t wait.

I have what most would consider to be good jobs, I work hard, and make
fairly decent salaries, yet like so many families I know today, just never
seem to have enough to get ahead. Be it house repairs, car troubles, taxes,
unforeseen medical issues, whatever the circumstances or reasons for
wanting change unless action is taken nothing will happen.

We all want to provide a better life for our families, to be happy and successful.
We are no different, I finally join Joel’s team. Actually after learning
about his new software product it was so simple to use and relevant in today’s
online world. More will follow on this but for now I truly hope that you will join
me on this journey to unlimited success and take the leap of faith you need
to make the changes you desire for a better life!

All the best,
–Francisco Dejesus Rivera