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Some time ago I‚ve watched a new interesting advertising and revenue share company starting, which offers an completely new sustainable concept. Of course I was very skeptical at first, but I have to say that this platform offers an impressive system and a lot of passive income potential.

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For those who already know a lot advertising portals with additional revenue share, I can give you the suggestion to take a look at this site nevertheless too!

Because AdBoni has some significant differences that did not exist in the revenue industry until now…

Here the comparison :

– There is no membership fee, so every entrepreneur can start for free.
– Unprecedented security parameters, such as a commission protection, makes Adboni an incomparable advertising platform of the online industry.
– Daily IP checks , 1 account per household + passport and home address verification ensure a perfect security process.
– The fees are very low and for payments you can use all common payment processors use such as : Bitcoin , Payeer , Sofortüberweißung (Online Banking), 2Pay4You , banktransfer , SolidTrustPay , MasterCard, Visa
– Additionally Adboni rotates a certain part of the financial reserves in gold and are thus further protected, since gold has been around for thousands of years!
– You earn a daily revenue share, depending to the revenue of all sales of the company, every 30 minutes!
– Adboni has the fairest and most profitable compensation plan of all revenue sharing sites, that pays you even endlessly into the depths!

The digital advertising product, the “Intelli–Banner“, can be used by members as advertising like GoogleAdsense on social media, on each blog and websites to promote any project they want.

By distributing the Intelli banners on blogs and websites, social media and other portals can also earn so-called “Webmaster Commissions” WITHOUT buying Adpacks too!

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Adboni started immediately international and offers a lot of potential for all people who want to take it really serious.

They are offering free landing pages in different languages to the members too, so you can easily participate in the affiliate program.


„Starter“ 1$, 100 Adviews, Expires at 1.20$, Maximum active adpacks: 1000

„Basic“ 5$ 500 Adviews Expires at 6.10$, Maximum active adpacks: 1000

„Standard“ 10$ 1000 Adviews Expires at 12.50$, Maximum active adpacks: 1000

„Premium“ 20$ 2000 Adviews Expires at 25.50$, Maximum active adpacks: 1000

„Enterprise“ 50$ 5000 Adviews Expires at 65$, Maximum active adpacks: 1000

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