{!firstname_fix}, Did mentors ever say this to you?..


When I was new to online marketing, 
I had no clue what I was doing, but 
I was willing to learn and willing to 

I did notice a pattern from the gurus 
who were willing to counsel me. 

At the very least I knew that connecting 
with a coach was vital in my learning 
curve and growth.

The pattern was this: They all said 
the same thing with respect to being 
persistent, consistent and putting my 
business in front of high numbers 
of people.

They all kept saying, in so many 

“It’s not what happens to you while 
you’re attempting to build, it’s how 
you respond to those things that 
determines your ultimate outcome!” 

I got so sick of hearing that because all 
that kept happening were two things.. 

1 – I had a hard time finding people who 
were willing to look at my business.

2 – a.) I kept getting one rejection after 
another, or b.) No one responded to 
my emails!!

Then, something wonderful happened!..

A trusted friend and mentor shared this
with me.. A Powerful Way To Receive
a Daily Flow of 100 to 200 Leads! 

He told me: “You can email these Leads 
every single day and it will grow to the 
point of TENS OF THOUSANDS of 

He was completely honest and up front
about something vitally important about 
these leads, too! He said..

“At first, very few of these leads will 
convert! You may even get a little bit 

“But don’t let that happen because as 
they grow to thousands, that will 
eventually start to bend the law of 
averages in your favor!” 

I greatly appreciated his honesty and 
sure enough, he was right! 

I immediately ordered my First 100 
Leads a Day! <=

As my number of Daily Leads grew, my 
results started to progress. I am not only
very pleased, but have a very good 
conscience sharing this Powerful Lead
Generation System!