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Am gonna keep this breaking news short and sweet! How would you feel to have returned with your family from last summer vacation to the Good News! Bad News!! and the Ugly News!!! Which one would you prefer to read first. I don’t know about you but as for me – Give me the Good News First.

You got the new job. And the pay is really good. I know … You can’t wait to ask the next set of questions … How much is my rise? And when do I start? Of course the Agency was really quick to give you the answers. The rise is $10,000 annually and you’ll be starting first of September. You figured it out already … if this last year’s family vacation cost you about $7500 on your credit card; this year you can afford to pay cash with some left over to service the credit card balance from previous years. All sounded really cool until you asked the Agency why BUT? That was the end of the Good News! am afraid the Agency replied.

The rise is subject to you producing a current licence required by law for you profession. For example in the United Kingdom, if you a teacher working with children, the licence is called DBS standing for Disclosure and Baring Service – the more “politically correct” new name for the old scary Criminal Records Bureau. Fortunately for you – you were really lucky and smart; because you new at the beginning of January 2015 that your licence would be due for renewal this year so you started way back on the 25th of January, 2015 to apply for a renewal licence. Under normal circumstances, this process would take at most four calendar months. This year for some unknown reason, by August 31st your licence has still not come and the dream of starting the new job with a rise of $ 000, was gradually fading away and so does the next family summer holidays ‘cos you’r up to your eye balls in debt and the Credit company would not agree to raise you credit limit unless you got a licence and a more permanent job.

That was when the joke became reality! The hero of my breaking news soon woke up to the reality. Why was it taking the UK Government in London more than six weeks to process teachers’ licences within the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) area of London? No body new the answer to this question until our hero picked up the phone and called the MPS. No human answer. Just a recorded message asking the caller to call back because the person they wish to speak to was not available. The whole thing felt like a dream. Until he called the DBS direct and he was told the licence was at stage 4 and would be with him shortly. Of course you figured things out. Stage 4 was the Police. Many people around the world do not know the extent of the Powers the British State has vested on their Police Forces and especially the MET as the MPS is usually called for short. Our hero in this story turned to his local Member of Parliament to intervene and he was told because of the division of powers between the three arms of her majesty’s government, the MP was really powerless to tell the Police what to do as they had independent powers to take their time to do something as simple as look into three databases and issue a clearance for a teacher to go back to his or her old job or a new one with a rise of $10K. By now things began to turn really ugly for our hero. He pleaded with the MP to write the head of DBS “Kwango” as popularly referred to in England to escalate the process of issuing teaching licences to Londoners’ caught in this pandemonium.

The ugly news came when a reply came back from the DBS Chief Executive claiming that our hero was lucky his licence would be issued shortly after eight months because the MET was having difficulty processing applications this year because they were relocating to a bigger office and so are not able to keep on top of things. Our hero thought this was a real joke answer. You mean the forces giving the responsibility to protect Londoners could not plan a smooth transition from one building to another to minimize interruption of the licencing workflow.

This breaking news was meant to help you to see my why for taking this “Home Business” seriously. It is a means to shield me from such governmental interruption of our daily live’s routine. Of determining if I can have a holiday or not and when I want it. If I could have a rise or not and when I ask for it. You know what! I was very angry and disappointed when the news came that the reason for the delay of licencing thousands of teachers in London last summer was such a flimsy excuse as office relocation. Whereas that sounded politically correct, you be the judge. You may write me at to express your views.

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