2019 New Year ~ New Tax Laws ~ Update Your W-4

2019 brings in new changes to the Tax Laws. It is vitally important that you
update your W-4 to make sure that you have the correct withholding taken from
your pay check. You may be leaving money on the table and thus giving more to
Uncle Sam.

The Federal Government recommends that the w-4 form should be reviewed &
updated yearly especially when your personal (marriage, birth, divorce, etc.) or
financial situation changes.
Most individuals confuse the purpose of the W-4 with the number of exemptions
they claim when in fact it is all about the allowances. You are completing it
incorrectly when you bump up your exemptions to get extra money in your take
home pay. This puts you at risk of owing taxes at the end of the year & it’s illegal.
Correctly completing the form, not skimming over it, & completing the
worksheets will in most cases give you that extra money that you are looking for.
The worksheets/allowances determine the right exemptions that you should be
enter on your W-4. This extra income should be applied to reducing your debt
and eliminating those high interest fees creating a means towards achieving
financial freedom for you & your family.

This is how the model of myEcon Income Shifting strategies come into
play. It changes your mindset & helps you learn how to make money work for you.

myEcon is an unique company that enables you to earn cash but provides
Financial Education like completing you W-4 correctly to increase your cash flow,
eliminating debt & learning money management & investment strategies.

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