I’m stunned… This actually works

What Makes SmashFund Different from other CrowdFunding Sites?
• SmashFund provides 2 revenue streams to fund your project faster. Along with donations SmashFund revenue shares up to 80% of it’s marketing dollars back to the people on the platform.

• No back end fees taken from your donations except for the standard 2.9%+.30 Stripe fee.

• No time limits on your project! No penalties for not reaching your funding goal.

• Donations and Revenue Shares are deposited directly to your bank account. Donations come in when you receive them and rev share is weekly. That’s huge, you don’t have to wait for your project to be funded to get started! It’s your money…why wait for it!

• SmashFund will be a global platform so you can crowdfund worldwide

• Equity sharing opportunity coming soon!

Thanks for looking,
Don Ketterhagen