[FULL_NAME], Please read because helping you can help me

Do you need a website or even just a landing page? Could you use a video or even just a video clip? A header for your Facebook page?

I am in a really bad financial situation. The hours on my J.O.B. got cut at the same time as some major unexpected expenses and now I’m looking at utility cut off as well as losing my internet connection (meaning I can’t work at all – in a wheelchair and no car). Late fees are building faster than I can pay them, much less actually getting caught up. That would run almost $2500, but even a quarter of that will at least keep the essentials turned on.

I’m desperate enough to even ask for donations of any size on PayPal to Diane@Diane1.net, but I’d rather give something back if you can use it.

These are a lot of the things I can do for you in return. No set price – anything halfway reasonable. Meaning I won’t spend 40 hours making a custom video for $50 but I’d spend a couple of hours doing a video clip for $10 or a few hours on a customized business video for $20. Basically, if it has to do with WordPress, graphics or video that I can do on my computer or online ask away.

Links to examples of what I can do are on the website.

– Website setup

– Bare bones Secure WordPress installation
– With additional basic plugins
– Complete site design, single page or multi
– Complete eCommerce store site
– Hosting on your site or mine
– Your own domain or a subdomain on mine

– Individual web pages

– Landing pages
– Gallery pages
– Contact pages
– Testimonial pages
– About Us pages
– Pricing Tables
– Surveys
– Popups
– Just about anything else you can think of
– Hosting on your site or mine
– Your own domain or a subdomain on mine

– Customized video

– Local offline businesses
– Internet business
– Talking head
– Whiteboard
– Presentation
– Completely original custom video

– 3 to 16 second customized video clips

– Animated logos and reveals
– Intros
– Outros
– Transitions
– Social Media
– Calls to Action
– Lower Thirds

– Advertising banners, site headers or logos

– Website headers
– Social Media site headers
– Standard size advertising banners – individual or complete sets
– Logos

– Miscellaneous

– PhotoShopping images
– Special effects
– Small product photography
– Ask

Thanks for reading,
Diane Merriam