Live The Dream


I made some mistakes yesterday, in the office, at home, or with my kids. 
We all do. I may make some more today. If not, then tomorrow. Mistakes are part of life. 
The key is to learn from them. Don’t say: “This is terrible, I made a mistake!” 
Rather say: “Man, that’s exciting! What can I learn from this? How can I avoid this mistake next time?”

If we don’t learn from it, we will keep making the same mistake. 
Learning from mistakes is what makes us better managers, better parents, better lovers and better friends. 
That’s how we learn to make our finances grow.
That’s when we become more valued in the office, at home, in the bedroom or by the bank manager 😉

With time we will make fewer and fewer mistakes. 
That’s how we become experts at living and successful in life. Keep trying. 
Keep taking risks. Keep making mistakes. Keep learning.

Learning is the key to success.
We’ve all heard that before.

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It’s time to stop making mistakes, and start Living The Dream.

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No more mistakes.

Until next time,