Attention, high potential for earnings.


We have just developed a new downline builder.

You invest a One time fee of 5.50 and we enter you into 10 opportunities and do the same for the people that you sponsor building your down line.

We are doing this one at the time, almost on full auto-pilot, using known opportunities that pays for years.

We will Pre-Launch it October 1, 2018 and launch it January 1, 2019 officially.

We have over 600 paid members already.

Get in now and start building your team!

Or Check our offer for free!

All the best,
Daniel Wait   

P/S Here are our 3 goals

Goal #1 is to allow you to build your business in multiple opportunities
by only building one team in My Downline Builder. In fact, as your team grows we enter you into 10 opportunities and pay for your entry. Your team follows you as their team grows. (Possible spillovers but no guarantee)

Goal #2 is to get you into profit as quickly as possible.  In other words,
earn back the $5.50 you initially used to start your business.  It’s not hard
since it only takes a few people on your team to break even.

OUR GUARANTEE:    Join free, upgrade to Pro membership(only a one time 5.50) refer 2 Promembers in your first 3 months and and if you have not earned at least $100.00 at the end of 6 months we will buy your position back for $100.00.
WORST CASE at the end of 6 months you have made at least $95.00 profit!

Goal #3 is for you to always stay in profit without worrying about start up costs.
All by using our “My Downline Builder” system that people will follow you into.

If you are serious about taking control of your life and your financial future, we
are here to help.

I’m very excited for us & I look forward to working with you.

To our success…

Joseph Bonello
My Downline Builder