I Really Need Your Help!!!!

This has been a terrible year so far. My job was outsourced, I survived on my severance package while working on remodeling a trailer I had hoped to sell for a profit therefore allowing me to move to be with my wife and kids in Canada.
I lost the trailer and pretty much lost hope.
Along with the trailer and the job, I lost medical insurance and was forced to move back in with "Family". I'm sorry to say this family is toxic. It took me several years of living with the fear I was going to be kicked out every day if I did not basically do as they say. I had no standing, was constantly ordered to do things that were honestly unhealthy and sometimes illegal, and I was reminded every day that I am a piece of shit, and I owed them because I was "Family". Their favorite thing to do was threaten to kick me out if I did not like the way I was treated. 
I was finally getting to the point where I could actually start contributing again, and I almost felt good for a moment, Unfortunately due to the constant family requests "Do me a favor"? I was unable to perform my job properly, and they were beginning to offer my services out for free wanting me to drive their clients around all day. I  just wanted to be left alone so I could do my job and pay back my debts. I asked to be left alone and I was told if I didn't like it, to get the "F" out. I became depressed. I woke up to a cop standing over me asking if I was going to commit suicide. That was the last straw. I packed a bag and got out of there.
I went to Canada to see my wife who I had not seen since we got married over 3 years ago. "Why was I not with her?" finances and family guilt. Why I have guilt for this family is beyond me. 

The Sickness:  I'm diabetic, when I left Phoenix I left behind my test kit, insulin and other medications that the Dr's say I need to survive. I believe that all I need to get better is to be with my wife. The hugs really help. I'm pretty sure my family threw away everything I left behind.

The Depression:  I'm sure that if I had stayed in Phoenix I would have found a way to end it. I was actually on my way to find a mountain top covered in snow to go take one last nap on when my wife reminded me that she still loves me. Now I have a reason to want to live and be well.

Here's my current situation and the reason behind this "Go Fund Me" campaign. I am currently over 1800 miles away from Phoenix; however I have an overdue rental vehicle that needs to be returned. I need Gas money to get the car back.
I also have no home, so I need a vehicle to get from A to B and to sleep in when I'm not working. I have several jobs I'm interested in Washington State and the sooner I can start the better. Then I can look for an apartment.
I am also overdrawn and have severely bad credit.
I am trying to raise $2000.00 in order to return the rental and return to Washington and get back on my feet, and keep away from my Toxic relatives in Phoenix.