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You now have the opportunity to earn some real cash. We will pay you 200% cash back on each Traffic Unit you purchase. A Traffic Unit has visitor credits and one visitor credit equals one visitor to your site. For each Traffic Unit you purchase, you’ll receive your visitor credits. The visitor credits are just part of what you get for your purchase. Purchase amounts range from $10 to $5,000.

Once you complete your order, your visitor credits will be automatically added to your account. All you have to do is assigned those visitor credits to your sites and you’ll start receiving traffic immediately.

How Our System Works

Each Traffic Unit will cost you $10 The maximum number of Traffic Units you can have at anytime is 500 and each Traffic Unit will expire 30 days from the date of purchase. Payday will always be the 20th of each month and payment will be made on your Total Cash Earned.

Payza dot com is the only payment processor we use at the moment. If you need a Payza account get a free one here tinyurl.com/TheSaferWay2Pay

In order to get paid, you must meet the following two pay requirements on payday the 20th of the month: You must have at least 3 Active Traffic Unit And your Total Cash Earned must be at least $1. Start Today!!

NOTE: You are NOT required to have a website in order to earn from our program. You do NOT have to surf sites or click on ads. We offer a generous affiliate program were FREE MEMBERS can earn commissions. For details visit www.mycashbacktraffic.com/?id=11109!