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How’s that Message-in-a-Bottle thing working for ya? Sending out email ads the old fashioned way is like stuffing your ad into a bottle and tossing it out to sea… and just about as effective.
Still playing darts blindfolded? Let’s face it, that’s basically what you’re doing when you market online by sending out email ads. When an average of 1 – 3% of those emails resulting in an actual website visit is about the best you can hope for… few of those “darts” end up anywhere near the bulls-eye. Pitiful!
How much of your advertising budget is wasted? Considering between 16% to 25% of marketing emails are ever even OPENED (that’s considered a “good” send), and that could be a LOT of wasted money. Of those opened, only about 1 – 3% result in a visit to the website featured. Pathetic!

It’s time to use the newest technology and achieve 100% open rates AND 100% website visit rates start using the ShurAds 100% Guaranteed advertising platform! Get 100% open rates. Get 100% website visit rates. No wasted money, time or effort. Just total coverage. Now THAT is how you get real results. PLUS, as an affiliate of ShurAds, your advertising actually GENERATES income. We’re talking about the Income Generating Advertising Platform with the following ways to fatten your wallet:

– Monthly residual referral bonuses
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– 4 level matching cycle ad credit bonus
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