There are several reasons to join us:
You will join a start-up project that has an international dimension and you will be in the creation of something big and new, which will soon be followed by other countries in the world (we are already in 30 countries after less than a year).
You will do a meaningful thing for our nature.
You invest your money in a real thing that makes sense – you invest in planting trees in places where they would not take root now. When these trees grow and are sold for a given purpose, you will receive your reward.
The invested money will be valued at an average of 7 – 12% per year. An example is the fast-growing woody plant eucalyptus, which grows in 8 years, with a 10% appreciation of Ti as a result, 180% of the amount invested.
By spreading the idea of MT, you can secure a better future thanks to considerable income. You will be rewarded with 10% or more of the turnover that your team will generate.