“Just The Tip” (memories of a school boy)

I started building websites way back in high school. I was in the only school in my district with a computer web design class. You can imagine how popular that was LOL, sitting in a room full of nerdy guys, old noisy computers, and that classroom smell..!

But to me it was the best class other than Gym.

The first time I saw someone write “Hello World” using html code, I fell in love with it.

Unlike most young enterpreneurs who start off with a lemonade stand, I created a website that started earning me a few hundred a month through Google Adwords.

And in high school that money made me verifiably rich.

But things have changed a LOT since then.

In the old-days we were coding in straight html, and you had to be a coder if you wanted your own website.

Nowadays I rarely touch a line of code.

Instead we use this incredible platform called WordPress that allows us to create professional websites with ease.

This one tool alone has completely changed the way we run our business.

In fact, we run our entire business almost entirely on WordPress.

(Squeeze pages, Thank-you page, Sales page, Upsell page, Members area..)

Thats whats so exciting, you no longer have to be a techie to start.

I’ll be in touch

Darren Jones

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