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1. It Features A “Done For You” System that pays $100 Instant Commissions

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3. Our Short Audio Call Presents Everything, Answers Their Questions And…

4. Our Interactive Texting “AVA – A.I.” Program Goes To Work On Auto-Pilot

5. The System Will Lead Your Prospects Through The Sales Process

6. We Will Present Your Primary Business Up To Your Prospects As Well

7. You Can Make Money In Minutes – No More Waiting Days, Weeks or Months!

8. Our DEMO TEST DRIVE System – Is Incredibly Easy & Simple To Use

9. Test It Out – Just Call This Number On Your Cell Phone Now 716-268-8657

10. Everyone Knows How To TEXT Back And Forth

11. Even If Someone Opts Out They Still Get A Reminder About Your Primary Biz

12. Earn $100 For Every Direct Sale Unlimited Times A Day

13. You Can Get Paid Eight Different Ways – You Get To Choose How Many Ways

14. Use Our Pre-Recorded Message That Can Handle Thousands Of Call In’s!

15. We Also Have Professional Voice Over People That Can Record Your Message

16. We Can Help You Build A Huge Permission Based Mobile Phone List

17. We Give You Our Message Script That Has Is Proven Or Use Your Own Messages

18. You Can Get Our Team System Like This One That Found You

19. TextBot Can Bring You Fresh Sales While Sifting And Sorting Them

20. You Will Love Our Automated Sales Closing Program!

21. Start For As Little As $100 – That Fit’s Almost Every Budget

22. We Also Have Ringless Voicemail Available With Two Pre-Recorded Messages (or use yours)

23. You Will Be Building A HUGE “Permission Based” Cell Phone List Of Your Own To Market Too

24. Our Five Step Program Set Up Is Easy To Finish And Complete

25. TextBot is an AUTOMATED Money Making MARKETING MACHINE

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