_______ + ________ = $$$


So if you had to fill in the blanks for that subject line,
what would you put?

If you’re into personal development, you might put
“knowledge + skills = $$$”

Or knowledge + action or something….

And if you’re into online marketing then maybe you’d put
“traffic + conversion = $$$”

Or if you’re just a smart aleck maybe you%u2019d say
“IIIII + SSSSSS = $$$$”

(Get it?)

Well, let me tell you what I think.

I think that making money is pretty simple.
(Not necessarily easy, but surely it’s simple)

Ingredient 1 is: Opportunity.

Ingredient 2 is: Action

That’s it.

Having the brains to see opportunity, and the guts to take action.

If you just see opportunity, and don’t take action, then you’ll
end up frustrated and always talking about what could’ve been.

If you just take action, without good opportunities, then you’ll
end up working wayyyy too HARD and never working SMART.

(The big bucks roll in when you work smarter not harder)

So, right now you have a chance to learn from one of the best
online marketers… for the price of a latte.

And if you aren’t willing to take some action now, and make a tiny
little bet on yourself, then you’re going to miss out on this opportunity.

Because opportunity never lasts long.

And when it%u2019s gone, it’s gone. Like when Bitcoin sold for
$5 a piece… before they skyrocketed to $1,200!

(A moderately small investment of $5,000 would have turned into
$1.2 MILLION if you had jumped on that opportunity.)

So, let me ask you a question… how many more opportunities
will slip through your fingers before you learn your lesson?

Harsh, I know. But I want to hopefully goad you into taking ACTION now.

Specifically about that DotCom Secrets book I%u2019ve been
emailing you about.

It’s still free.

For now.

And if you haven’t already claimed your copy, then you probably
want to do that right now.

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All you have to do is pay the shipping and handling (and watch how Russell treats you once you’re in his funnel… you’ll learn a lot just from his sales process… genius.)

Opportunity is knocking… you gonna open the door or what?

Talk soon,

Ryan Hutchison

P.P.S Russell told me to stop emailing you about this today,
so this is the last email I’ll send you about his book.
AKA, it’s your last chance to get it.