Mail Leads, NOT Safelists: NEW for 2019

I have invested 120k into
leads in the past 20 years.

I also use 125 safelists
and mailers on a daily

Pennies 4 Profits is the
best of both: Leads + Mailer

+ Every day you get 100 premium
leads that you can download to
your computer and use as you

+ P4P also lets you use their
provided mailer that you can
import the leads into and
mail once every 24 hours.

Your leads compound daily.

day 1: 100 leads
day 15: 1500 leads
day 30: 3000 leads

And so do your results.

Yesterday I had 7200 leads to mail
(I’m 72 days into my membership)

My results:

23% open rate (1656 opens)
364 clicks (22% CTR)
39 optins (10.7% optin rate)

Now for the fun part:

Out of those 39 optins, 6
people joined the program
I was promoting, delivering
me a 352.33 profit!

And all from 1 mailing!

There are FEW FEW FEW
memberships left so
don’t put this off.

I’d think VERY carefully
before passing on this one 🙂

Jenna Pauley
Lead Consultant

~~ If you don’t build your
dream, someone else will hire
you to help them build theirs ~~